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Solar Panel Cleaning

Firstly, manufacturer’s warranties and government guidelines recommend solar panels are cleaned annually as a minimum requirement. Up to 25-50% of your solar panels efficiency is lost when  dirt, dust and rainwater residue are present which will block out the sunlight. Solar panel cleaning will save more money than the cost of having them cleaned. Regular cleaning will maintain your investment, and it will last longer. Regular solar panel cleaning will maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. With our solar panel cleaning technology, you can be sure that your solar panels are cleaned and maintained safely and effectively by professional operatives.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Technology
The solar panels will stay cleaner for longer when Purified Water is used as chemicals and detergents leave a thin layer of sticky residue. Purified water contains no chemicals or detergents, therefore there is nothing for the dust to stick to and they will stay cleaner for longer.

Solar Panels will be cleaner
The purified water has a natural desire to return to its impure state. The water along with our brush heads cleans and rinses the dirt off the solar panels. We do not use a the squeegee method because streaking occurs and more importantly no pressure on manual load will be placed on the solar panel which would happen with a general cleaning method.  Purified water has no detergents; therefore it will not leave streaks on the solar panels.

Safe Solar Panel Cleaning
Solar panels are relatively fragile. You cannot stand, lean, or put much pressure on them. Our long telescopic poles with soft brush heads safely maintain the solar panels, whilst not applying much pressure. Because we do not use chemicals or detergent there is no risk of damaging the solar panels.

Solar panels are very environmentally friendly. We are also concerned about the environment that is why we use purified water, eliminating the need for detergents or chemicals. Solar panel maintenance lengthens the lifespan of solar panels whilst chemicals and detergents shorten the lifespan of glass and rubber seals. Pure water cleans and rinses away damaging chemicals or dirt and leaves nothing that can shorten the lifespan of the solar panels.

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