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Flood Damage Restoration & Mould Remediation

CCrs Clean (SW) Ltd offer full water damage restoration services as a result of a flood at your home or property. Based on the category of flood that has occurred, we are able to decontaminate correctly and restore it back to its original state.

Water Damage & Flood Repair Specialists
At Crs Clean (SW) Ltd, we will start each flood, sewage or water damage project by multi-cleaning to remove unhealthy material, and applying a sanitising treatment and carry out a cleanliness test to ensure a satisfactory result.

We also look to release trapped moisture, reduce humidity and dry out the property using the latest super heating dehumidifiers.

Flood Classification
We categorise flood incidents to help with our decision making. Internationally accepted standards classify water damage incidents according to the source of the water as follows:

1. Clean water - not harmful to humans; from broken pipes, sink overflows, appliance leaks.

2. Grey water - water which may carry some micro-organisms, for example, water from dishwashers, washing machines, broken aquariums.

3. Black water - grossly unsanitary water, containing large quantities of micro-organisms and other contaminants. This could include sewage entering a building, sea water, ground surface water and water from streams and rivers.

In addition to this we classify flood and water related incidents by the following factors:
Vertical leaks - where water has spread to the floor below there will be a greater chance of unpredictable penetration of water into structural voids and electrical services.

Aged incidents - prolonged humid conditions over several days can cause absorbent materials to pick up extra moisture. There is then an increased risk of mould growth, along with the potential for health effects.

The Hazards of Mould
Your home is normally dry - much dryer than outside, and therefore mould free. After a flood this changes and mould spores are more prevalent, thriving of the available moisture. At Crs Clean (SW) Ltd we can greatly reduce the risk of secondary damage by mould to surfaces around your home.

Due to the infection risks associated with mould, especially for anyone with a suppressed immune system or respiratory issues, it is vital that the property undergoes full water damage restoration and flood repair.

Mould Remediation
If your home has been subjected to mould we can help remedy the problem. Crs Clean (SW) Ltd and a local independent damp and mould surveyor called Damp Detectives work together to identify the cause of the damp and mould problem and will provide a complete report of the cause. A course of remedial action will then be proposed to eradicate the problem. Once the source of the mould has been rectified we can, on approval, carry out a full treatment of the affected areas, which depending upon the nature and severity of the damp and mould will include the following treatments:-

1. Washing, spraying or fogging of the affected areas with an appropriate anti-microbial will sanitise the contaminated surfaces.

2. Removal of plaster and wood where contamination is severe or dry/wet rot has taken hold.

3. Stripping out and replacing of units and building materials that have been affected beyond repair by the damp or mould. Installation of drying equipment regime – a combination of dehumidifiers, airmovers & heaters will be deployed to ensure moisture and relative humidity levels are consistent with healthy living conditions. Monitoring of drying regime – to guarantee suitable damp free conditions are maintained.

Air Manager – an air sterilisation unit which will kill all airborne spores released from mould infestation can be deployed if necessary.


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